NEW IN. 66 Long necklace collection

66 Long necklace collection



デザイナー/IRUKA 1993年9月生まれ。神奈川県出身。幼少期から習っていたクラシックバレエで培った美しいスタイルと表現力で、モードからコンサバまで幅広いブランドの洋服を着こなす。エキゾチックな顔立ちが魅力でアジア諸国からのオファーも絶えない。ニューヨーク留学時代に洋服のカスタマイズに目覚め、自身のブランドを展開するなどモデルのみならず、幅広く活躍中。 Magazine VOGUE JAPAN / GINZA / 装苑 / SPUR / NYLON JAPAN / ELLE girl / M girl / WWD / CLASSY / DAZED & CONFUSED / BAILA / Domani / GINGER / commons & sense / anan / VoCE / FRaU / 花椿 / sweet / UOMO / MEN’S NON-NO / spring など Advertisement TVCM 日本コカ・コ-ラ「スプライト」 三菱自動車「MINICAB MiEV」 大王製紙「megami」 富士フィルム「企業」 明治乳業「企業」 など Still TASAKI / GU / UNIQLO / Adidas / Westwood Outfitters / 森永乳業 / 任天堂 / パイオニア / PEARLY GATES / DIESEL など ShowDOLCE & GABBANA / LIMI feu / Agnes b. / THEATER PRODUCTS / mintdesigns / HIDENOBU YASUI / furfur / motonari ono / support surface / MIKIO SAKABE / Calcium など


  • A simple yet edgy combination accessory of bijou and pearl.
    Uses freshwater pearls. With chain adjuster. Adjustable length.

    styleno.12218 Pearl necklace ¥7,000 JPY

    style no.1221811 Pearl bracelet - Gold ¥3,800 JPY

    Pearl earrings using freshwater pearls.
    Binaural specifications.

    style no.1221824 Pearl pierce - Gold ¥3,000 JPY

  • A high-quality 100% cotton T-shirt with a soft texture. For late lunches on weekends, walks, and relaxing time before bed. A set product that is recommended for pairing with a loved one or as a gift.

    style no. 2221002.003 Pair of 2 T-SHIRT ¥12,000 JPY

  • An asymmetric necklace with asymmetric chains. Adjustable length.

    style no.1221814 Asymmetry chain necklace ¥12,000 JPY

    Design with an oversized brim.
    Wired in the outline. Backing.

    style no.2321701 Fake fur hat - Gray ¥16,500 JPY

  • A design necklace with freshwater pearls and colored beads. With chain adjuster. Adjustable length.

    style no.1221805 Motif-bead necklace ¥6,500 JPY

    Triangle chain necklace with sparkling glass parts as an accent. Adjustable length.

    style no.1221815 Triangle chain necklace ¥8,000 JPY

  • necklace that is all hand-finished.
    The central part of the top is a necklace featuring nine swaying asymmetric parts, with the entire outline wrapped around a thin wire.

    Uses freshwater pearls. With a long chain adjuster. Adjustable length.

    style no.1221801 JalaJara chain necklace ¥25,000 JPY

  • A combination necklace that combines a black heart motif with deformed pearls. Uses freshwater pearls.

    style no.1221803 Heart necklace ¥8,000 JPY

    A flexible long necklace that uses a diamond-cut ball chain of about 2 meters.

    style no.1221802 Ball chain necklace ¥11,000 JPY

  • A ringer T-shirt with a magnificent landscape design of Zion National Park printed on it.
    style no. 3221202 PARKS PROJECT Zion Sunset River Ringer Tee ¥6,600 JPY

    The Badlands Natural History Association supports commentary materials for the general public through educational and research programs.

    style no. 3221203 PARKS PROJECT Badlands Puff Print Pocket Tee ¥6,600 JPY