Nice to meet you ! はじめまして。dbcnipponです。



正式名称は、「dolphin bear creatives nippon」ドルフィンベアクリエイティブズニッポンです。


この真ん中の「木」は6つの大陸を表現していて、真ん中の二重丸は「nippon」です。 そして、イルカとクマが見上げている先は、日本!

2021.2.2 開業!


The shop which has held many meetings for about one years will open soon. It seems that we can open the shop only because many people supported us. Thank you every day.

Yes, I often ask questions like "What is this icon (name)?", so I will write it here.

The name of the shop is "dbcnippon" 
Its official name is "dolphin bear creatives nippon" 
Yes, this is a dolphin and bear production company.
Why are they dolphins and bears? Related to the names of designers and producers.
This "tree" in the middle represents six continents. The double circle in the middle is "nippon". And the place where dolphins and bears are looking up is Japan !
There are various feelings from Japan to the world.
2021.2.2 Open!
Ladies and gentlemen, please stay watch us forever and ever!
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